What is Diminished Value?

Diminished value is the reduction in your vehicle's market value occurring after your vehicle is damaged and then repaired, otherwise called accelerated depreciation. A reasonable person will not pay the same price for your wrecked and repaired vehicle as they will for a vehicle that has not been wrecked.

A diminished value appraisal evaluates the difference in value of your motor vehicle after a collision repair. Auto Appraisal Network compiles these reports. This report is used when filing or disputing a diminished value claim with your insurance company.

Some reports include an assessment of the damage done to a motor vehicle, the quality of repairs, and the market value of the vehicle before and after the accident.  As there are no set rules for measuring diminished value, and since every vehicle loses value differently a one size fits all formula would be fundamentally inaccurate, and it is therefore important to have this done by a certified auto appraisal company.



To learn how to make a claim contact us at: call/text 786-853-0711 or johnl@autoappraisalnetwork.com


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Diane's Cadillac Total Loss Story Diane's Cadillac Total Loss Story

This is Diane's 2015 Cadillac SRX.  Diane's Cadillac was in an accident and was Total Loss. The insurance company offered her $17,471.  Diane hired Auto Appraisal Network to do a Prior-to-loss Fair market Value appraisal. As a result, the insurance company settled with Diane for $20,650.  Read Diane's comments on our Facebook Reviews page. If your vehicle was declared a Total Loss and the insurance company is  delaying, denying or underpaying, contact us today.

Appraisals and Blood Donations during COVID-19 Appraisals and Blood Donations during COVID-19

During this time of COVID-19, not only are we continuing to do Pre-Purchase Inspections, Total Loss, Diminished Value and Insurance Coverage appraisals in South Florida, but we are also donating blood for those in need. My parents lived through the London Blitz of 1940 and 1941. We will get through this! Stay safe and continue to practice social distancing.

Wrecked car appraisal in Florida Wrecked car appraisal in Florida

Has your vehicle been in a wreck in South Florida? If the cost to repair is less than 80% of the vehicle's value, it is repaired and your vehicle had suffered Diminished Value. No matter how professional the repair, it's worth less than an identical vehicle with no accident history. If the repair cost is >80% of the value, it is declared a Total Loss. Either way, with an appraisal, we help you make a Diminished Value or Prior-to-Total Loss Fair Market Value claim with the insurance company to receive more $$$$.

Financing older and rebuilt title cars in Florida Financing older and rebuilt title cars in Florida

When buying an older car, or one with a rebuilt or 'branded' title, most financing companies will request an independent Fair Market Value appraisal of the vehicle before approving your loan. Recently we've appraised two newer sports coupes with rebuilt titles in South Florida, a 2016 Jaguar F-Type and a 2018 Nissan GTR, and both loans were approved!

Chevy Tahoe: Total Loss or Diminished Value? Chevy Tahoe: Total Loss or Diminished Value?

You take your Chevy Tahoe for a quick oil change and then you get the phone call! Is it totaled? Let's say your Tahoe is worth $28,000. In Florida, if the insurance company believes the cost to repair is close to 80%, or about $22,000, it's declared a Total Loss. But wait, there's more.....

Ouch! My car was just totaled! Ouch! My car was just totaled!

Been in an accident in South Florida, and the insurance company has declared your vehicle a Total Loss? Be aware of the 'Appraisal Clause' in your policy, and invoke your right to an independent appraisal of its fair market value. Don't leave $$$$ on the table!

Buying a collector car from a collection, or the whole collection? Buying a collector car from a collection, or the whole collection?

Whether you are buying your first collector car, adding one to you collection, or purchasing the whole collection, we can help with a pre-purchase inspection (PPI) and Fair Market Value appraisal in South Florida.

Used Porsche purchase nightmare Used Porsche purchase nightmare

Protect your investment! Get it inspected and appraised! https://jalopnik.com/this-used-porsche-nightmare-is-why-you-always-get-an-in-1825771000

Are there Public Adjusters for cars in South Florida? Are there Public Adjusters for cars in South Florida?

When you need to make a real estate insurance claim, you call a Public Adjuster. When you have an auto, truck, RV, motorcycle, watercraft or light aircraft insurance claim you need an Auto Appraiser. Just as the TV ad states "We know a thing or two because..........." https://southfloridacarappraisers.com/wrecked-car-value-miami-fl.html

Auto Insurance co. delaying, denying or underpaying? Auto Insurance co. delaying, denying or underpaying?

The owner of this 2008 Porsche Turbo exercised his 'Appraisal Clause' right to have an independent appraisal of his 'Total Loss' vehicle. The ins. co. had it tightly wrapped to make the inspection difficult, but we prevailed! Vehicle totaled or damaged and now with 'Diminished Value?' Don't leave $$$$ on the table! Get it appraised!

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What is Diminished Value?