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Which ‘70s American collect car would you buy: a Gremlin or a Pacer?


Which ‘70s American collect car would you buy: a Gremlin or a Pacer?

The AMC Gremlin is a subcompact automobile introduced in 1970, manufactured and marketed in a single, two-door body style (1970–1978) by American Motors Corporation (AMC).

Using a shortened Hornet platform and bodywork with a pronounced ‘kammback’ tail, the Gremlin was classified as an economy car and competed with the Chevrolet Vega and Ford Pinto, as well as imported cars including the Volkswagen Beetle and Toyota Corolla. The small domestic automaker marketed the Gremlin as "the first American-built import."

The Gremlin reached a total production of 671,475 over a single generation.

Two former U.S. presidents drove AMC Gremlins during their younger days.

Bill Clinton drove the back roads of Northwest Arkansas in his green AMC Gremlin during his 1974 campaign for the only attempt he made for a seat in the United States Congress.

An AMC Gremlin with a Levi interior was owned by the George H. W. Bush family and driven by George W. Bush in 1973 while getting his Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree.

Hagerty values a #3 Good condition Gremlin at $9,100, and a #2 Excellent condition at $13,900.

The AMC Pacer is a two-door compact car also produced in the United States by American Motors Corporation (AMC) from the 1975 through the 1980 model years.

A total of 280,000 cars were built.

 An AMC Pacer is seen in the introductory scene of the first Wayne's World movie (1992). Wayne Campbell (Mike Myers) inserts a cassette tape into the stereo of the Pacer, and Wayne, Garth Algar (Dana Carvey), and his friends enthusiastically sing along to "Bohemian Rhapsody" by Queen.


Hagerty values a #3 Good condition Pacer at $7,800, and #2 Excellent condition at $12,100.

So, your choice of ’70s American made collector car really depends on whether you identify with Wayne and Garth, or Slick Willie and Dubya.


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Which ‘70s American collect car would you buy: a Gremlin or a Pacer? Which ‘70s American collect car would you buy: a Gremlin or a Pacer?

The AMC Gremlin is a subcompact automobile introduced in 1970, manufactured and marketed in a single, two-door body style (1970–1978) by American Motors Corporation (AMC). The AMC Pacer is a two-door compact car also produced in the United States by American Motors Corporation (AMC) from the 1975 through the 1980 model years.

So, what’s your Ford Pinto worth? So, what’s your Ford Pinto worth?

Once among the most popular cars in America, the Pinto is now an endangered species! Of the 3 million Pintos manufactured, experts estimate that fewer than 10,000 are still on the road. So, what’s your Ford Pinto worth? The current average value of a Ford Pinto is about $9,700, although a nice example sold on the popular online auction website Bring-A-Trailer in July 2021 for $17,002. Yes, somebody bid the extra $2! If you want to know the current Fair Market Value of a Pinto/Bobcat, Chevrolet Vega, AMC Gremlin, or your classic car text/call 786-853-0711.

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Which ‘70s American collect car would you buy: a Gremlin or a Pacer?